EFT Café

The EFT Café is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practice group in Newcastle in the North East of England run by AAMET Master EFT Trainer Andy Hunt of Practical Wellbeing.

The EFT Café open to anyone who knows how to tap. We aim to practice together developing our skills for the common good. Just in case you were wondering, EFT Café is not a coffee shop, but we do aim to be an informal environment where people can meet and enjoy themselves whilst improving their tapping skills.

You do need some experience of EFT to attend these workshops and if you are an AAMET EFT Practitioner each EFT Café counts as 2 hours CPD credits to help you maintain your accreditation.

The EFT Café is usually on the second Wednesday of the month at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Regent Ave, Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 1EE. From 7pm to 9pm. The cost is just £10 for two hours supervised practice and training

EFT Cafe – 13th February 2019 – Tapping From A Safe Place

One of the great benefits of EFT is that it is a very gentle way to process unpleasant or even painful emotions.

Even so, when we face the prospect of processing uncomfortable emotions we can feel a certain amount of apprehension. The higher the apprehension or anxiety the harder it is to do the work.

In this months EFT Cafe we will explore some ways of helping ourselves, and the people we are tapping with, feel safer and more comfortable as we do our tapping work.

These perspectives on safety and how to elicit it are taken from the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) approach to working with painful emotions and childhood issues.

The EFT Cafe is held at St Oswald’s Hospice, Newcastle upon Tyne and costs just £10.

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