EFT Cafe – June 8th – EFT For A Pain In The Neck


There is an old saying that most of our problems in life talk back.
– Brian Tracy

In an ideal world we would all get along just fine. People would be agreeable and reasonable, and we would be able to be resourceful and direct in our dealings with them.

Unfortunately, in the real world people can be very hard work to be with, or, to be more accurate, our reactions to these people can be very hard work.

Perhaps it is the way they look at us that sets us off, or the tone of their voice, or the way we think they think about us.

In the June EFT Cafe we will use a simple process to disconnect our unhelpful reactions to other people and develop a more resourceful and understanding way of being with them.

This process is useful in all aspects of daily life. dealing with our reactions to friends and family, coping with difficult colleagues, managers or subordinates, or just getting along better with people.

If you are a professional people helper: counsellor, coach, medical professional, teacher, therapist or social worker this process can be useful for working with difficult clients, patients or pupils.

Join Andy Hunt at 7pm on Wednesday 8th June at the EFT Cafe in St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle to learn how to use this simple process to deal with your reactions to difficult people. (You will need some experience of EFT to participate in this event.)

The cost of this evening is just £10
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