EFT Café – October 9th 2013 – How To Be More Positive With EFT

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“You’ve got to accentuate the positive, 
eliminate the negative, 
latch on to the affirmative, 
don’t mess with Mr In-Between”
– Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer

The original focus of EFT was to eliminate negative emotions, which is a very worthwhile goal. Since then many people have been working on using EFT to amplify positive feelings to improve their lives.

In this EFT Cafe, Andy Hunt will demonstrate a simple and effective process to go from having a negative point of view towards an event or task to having a positive and resourceful state of mind.

Most of us have things we need to do that we don’t feel good about:

  • attending meetings
  • cleaning the cooker
  • making phone calls
  • dealing with difficult people
  • doing homework
  • etc

These kinds of things can feel bad. Perhaps we avoid them or work our way through them gritting our teeth and waiting for them to end.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

It is possible to think and feel differently about these situations and how we respond to them. We can become much more positive and resourceful and graceful in how we accomplish what we have to do.

This three step EFT process will help you move from all those negative feelings to feeling positive, resourceful and much more capable of doing what needs to be done.

This EFT Cafe will be on Wednesday 9th October, in the Teaching Centre at St Oswald’s Hospice, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm to 9pm and costs just £10.

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