EFT Café – February 11th – The Origami Process (Revisited)

PictureImage courtesy of Brett Jordan

Sometimes how we feel about things is complicated, especially when those feelings are painful.

In difficult situations we have our ‘first’ feelings: sadness, anger, disgust, fear, etcetera.

That’s bad enough, but we may not be satisfied with having just one bad feeling, we add feelings about the ‘first’ feeling. 

We could feel resigned about our sadness, ashamed about feeling angry, guilty about our disgust or afraid of our fear, and so on.

It gets worse, we can add more feelings about the feeling we felt about the first feeling. Perhaps we can feel hopeless about feeling resigned about feeling sad, and so on.

Each feeling can be added to with another feeling about it. Folding the original, straightforward emotional response into a tight and painful package.

In this month’s EFT Café, Andy Hunt will demonstrate the ‘Origami Process’ a new approach for unfolding tight parcels of feelings, softening them and refolding them back into a new more comfortable configuration. 

So far this approach seems to be able to quickly and easily unwind difficult emotional states that are resistant to standard tapping and radically change your perceptions of the ‘problem’ that provoked those feelings in the first place. 

The EFT Café is on Wednesday 11th February, 2015 from 7pm – 9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne. Cost is £10.