EFT Cafe – 11th Apr 2018 – Tapping  Into More Control In Your Life

Humans have agency, we can make decisions and cause things to happen, in other words we can be ‘at cause’ in our lives.

Being at cause means we are resourceful, capable and able to act to influence our lives and we know that we are. We feel that we are able to influence the outcome of our lives.

On the other hand if we feel we are ‘at effect’ the world does things to us and we can’t change anything. Other people and circumstances control our lives, we might feel we have no agency and can’t influence what happens to us.

In this state of learned helplessness we feel powerless to change anything, we are a hostage to other people and circumstances.

Being at effect can show up in our language when people say things like this:

  • There is nothing I can do until they ….
  • My family run my life.
  • I have to wait until they …
  • etc

In this month’s EFT Cafe  Andy Hunt will demonstrate a tapping process that helps us reclaim our agency so we can exert more influence and control on our lives.

Read Tapping For More Freedom for an article based on this EFT Cafe

EFT Cafe – 14th Mar 2018 – Tapping Into Metaphor

We are built to think in metaphors.

If you are down in the dumps, as high as a kite, or at a crossroads in your life you are thinking in metaphors.

We understand the world and how it works through metaphor. We do this so easily and naturally that we barely notice it is happening.

Our metaphors of life, work, relationships and the world shape the way with think and feel.
In this week’s EFT Cafe join Andy Hunt to explore tapping with metaphors using a structured, step by step, tapping process.

​The EFT Cafe is on Wednesday 14th March at 7pm at St Oswald’s Hospice from 7pm to 9pm.

EFT Cafe – 10th Jan 2018 – Getting The Most Out Of Your SUDs!

A fundamental part of EFT/Tapping is scaling emotional distress.When we are working on a painful feeling or limiting belief we ourselves or our clients:

  • How bad does ‘it’ feel on a scale of 0 to 10?
  • How true does ‘it’ feel on a scale of 0 to 10?

The number they give us are known as the SUDs or Subjective Units of Distress. Then we tap on the meridian points to reduce the strength of the emotional distress using the SUDs to measure our progress.

In an ideal world just one round of tapping would dissolve the emotional distress and we’d feel completely better, but in the real world things are not so straightforward, some feelings make take several, or even many, rounds of tapping.

Most of the time we just use the SUDs score to track our progress, but what if we could use the SUDs score to help us make our tapping more specific and more effective?

Join Andy Hunt at the EFT Cafe on Wednesday 10th January 2018 to find out how.

EFT Cafe – 13 Dec 2017 – Two Antidotes To Festive Frazzle

Christmas can be a stressful time for many people.

It is often an obstacle course of obligations, expectations and predicaments that seem to be designed to end peace on earth and drain anyone of their goodwill.

But Christmas is not the problem, how we cope with Christmas is the problem, and that is something we work with.

This month’s EFT Cafe is about two tapping techniques designed to defuse festive stresses and strains before they’ve even happened and put some of the peace, goodwill and festive spirit back into your Christmas experience.

Important: Even though these processes are being applied to the holiday season, these techniques are not just for Christmas they’re for life!

This EFT Cafe is on Wednesday 13th December 2017 from 7pm – 9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne.

EFT Café – 13th September 2017 – The Paradoxical Choices Method

If you are familiar with EFT/Tapping you probably know about ‘The Choices Method’ developed by Pat Carrington as a skilful means to bring positive emotions into tapping processes.

In the Choices Method elegantly shifts the tapper from an unhelpful state into something much more positive.

The shift from the negative to the positive is achieved by tapping using the phrase “I choose to [some positive feeling or outcome]” to help access their innate resources.

However if the tapper can choose to feel good, doesn’t that imply that they may have chosen to feel bad in the first place?

Loosely based on the work of NLP Trainer Kevin Creedon and William Glasser M.D. creator of Choice Theory, September’s EFT Cafe is about using the idea that we choose our emotional state (good or bad) to help us let go of the feelings that are troubling us.

Find out about The Paradoxical Choices Method in this month’s EFT Cafe is on Wednesday 13th September 2017 at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm to 9pm and costs just £10

EFT Café – 12th April 2017 – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!


We have to make decisions all the time. 

From the moment we awaken to the moment we fall asleep we have to decide what to do next.

Some decisions are easy: Which biscuit should I have with my cup of tea?

Some are much harder: Should I buy this house or that one? Should I take this job? Should I marry this man?

Sometimes there is a still clear voice that lets us know what to do. At other times that voice is drowned out by cacophony of contradictory thoughts, feelings and ideas.

In this month’s EFT Café on Andy Hunt will guide you through a process based on an idea by Gene Monterastelli to help you clear the static around making decisions and allow that still quiet voice to have it’s say.

This process wont be able to make the decision for you, but it will help you get clear about what you want to do.

The EFT Café is on Wednesday 12th April 2017 at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm to 9pm and costs just £10 

Image courtesy of -mrsraggle-

EFT Cafe – 8th March 2017 – Top Ten Procedure

PicturePhoto courtesy of oatsy40

​Sometimes EFT / Tapping can seem a little bit complicated. 

  • How do I decide what is important?
  • How do I choose what to tap on?
  • What scores does this feeling have? 
  • How do I know what to tap on next?
  • How do I know when to stop?

The Top Ten Procedure is a simple general purpose tapping protocol that does away with a detailed analysis of the problem state and allows even novice tappers to make good progress in soothing difficult situations. 

The process was developed by Charlie Curtis an EFTer with strong  NLP and hypnotherapy experience.  This simple routine can be used to work on specific issues or for more general out of sorts feelings.

Join Andy Hunt at this month’s EFT Cafe to find out how to use this simple tapping process.

The EFT Café is on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm to 9pm and costs just £10 

EFT Café – 8th February 2017 – To-Do Tapping

PictureImage courtesy of Nikki Buitendijk

Now that January has passed and the resolutions are wearing thin, it’s time for to look for ways to get things done that don’t just rely on willpower and resolution excitement.

To get things done we have to pass through (at least) four stages between wanting something and doing what needs to be done to get it.

  1. Wanting – Do we really want what we want?
  2. Capability – Are we capable of doing what is necessary?
  3. Deciding – Have we decided to do it?
  4. Willingness – Are we willing to do what it takes to get what we want?

These stages apply whether it is a simple task on our to-do list or a major life goal.
Blocks or resistance in any of those stages can keep us from completing our tasks and achieving our goals

In this month’s EFT Cafe, Andy Hunt will take you through a step by step process to uncover and release any resistances in those stages so you can be ready, willing and able to do what you need to do. If you are the owner of a to-do list that gets longer much more quickly than you can complete the items on it you may find this particularly helpful. 

The EFT Café is on Wednesday 8th February 2017 at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm to 9pm and costs just £10 

EFT Café – 11th January 2017 – Failing Your Way to New Year Resolution Success

PictureImage courtesy of Alan Cleaver

Have you ever had New Year’s Resolutions that scarcely made it into February?

You are not alone, three quarters of all New Year Resolutions fail.

What if you could use the potential failure of your New Year’s Resolution to improve your chances of success?

We often spend a lot of time analysing our failures (some times we even learn from them).

What if adopting a failure mindset in advance could help you succeed?

In the first EFT Café of 2017 Andy Hunt will demonstrate a process for using the probability of failing to keep your resolution, to help you be more likely to achieve it.

The EFT Café is on Wednesday 11th January 2017 at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm to 9pm and costs just £10  

EFT Cafe – 14th December 2016 – Tapping Into Kindness

PictureImage courtesy of Megan Sparks

Christmas is (or used to be) the season of goodwill to all. 

For most of us spreading goodwill to all is much easier in theory than in practice.

In the Buddhist tradition there are specific practices designed to help us develop our ability to be kind and friendly to others.

The spirit of friendly kindness or ‘metta’ as it is known to Buddhists is traditionally cultivated by specific meditation practices designed to help us be kind to ourselves and others.

Research on metta meditation has shown it has a wide range of benefits.

“For one, loving-kindness (metta) meditation makes you feel closer to others, even strangers. And this happens not just consciously (as in you noticing that you “feel closer to this person”) but also on a deeper level (in that you automatically react more positively to people). We also found that it increases your feelings of happiness and well-being generally” – Emma Sepalla

These meditation techniques can easily be adapted to a form that can be used with tapping to help cultivate our ability to be kind to ourselves and to others.

In this month’s EFT Cafe  Andy Hunt will demonstrate a tapping version of metta practice that can be used by anyone regardless of religious persuasion, or lack thereof, to help them find this particular spirit of Christmas.

The EFT Cafe is on Wednesday 14th December, 2016 at St Oswald’s Hospice Education Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and costs just £10