EFT Cafe – Manifesto

EFT Cafe

There’s a lot of pain and suffering in the world at large and closer to home. EFTers can do much to ease that pain. But they must be skilled, and that takes practice. The EFT Café is intended to provide a local opportunity for EFTers to practice and develop those skills and give yourself some benefit whilst you are doing it.

Personal Development
I believe EFT Practitioners and people who are using EFT for their own development want to be inspiring and effective examples of EFT and they can be, if they first develop the habit of using EFT on themselves. Whilst every EFTer had an opportunity to work on some of their issues during training, the emphasis was on learning the technique and not on personal growth. The EFT Café provides a safe space where we can pursue our own personal development using EFT, knowing that we can be helped by other EFTers.

The EFT Café gives us the opportunity to become well integrated and flexible people who understand EFT through and through.

Practising Skills
During the EFT training, at Level 1 or Level 2, we get exposed to a large amount of information; concepts, techniques and processes. In the EFT Café we can take these ideas and practice them until they are second nature. So that when we work with clients, or on our own, we have these techniques at our fingertips. It’s an opportunity to practice to make perfect.

EFT Community Development
This is a place to explore how EFT may be useful in meeting community needs. It’s a place to network and discuss how skills can be used for the common good.

Meeting nights – for the immediate future the EFT Café will meet on the second Wednesday of each month 7pm and 9pm. Each session costs £10. I intend that the meetings will be consistent, starting and ending on time. The café will keep regular hours regardless of who shows up. You don’t need to attend all time, you can drop in whenever you want to. My aim is that no one ever leaves the EFT Café feeling they’ve wasted their time.

There are only two requirements to attend:

  1. You know the basics of EFT.
  2. You take responsibility for your own well being. While I hope these sessions will be very therapeutic, they are not intended as a substitute for therapy.

Cost: £10