EFT Café – May 14 – reconnecting To Our Enthusiasm

PictureImage courtesy of Viola Ng

When you look at young children you can see that they are enthusiastic about being alive. They are naturally excited about life and are happy to let you know it.

We all started off with that level of enthusiasm, however as time passes our ability to connect with and express our excitement and enthusiasm can diminish.

Our ability to connect with what is enjoyable may have been reduced by our parents, friends and culture.

Our enthusiasm may have been trained out of us: squashed by criticism or shame.

Perhaps we were told:

  • “Don’t stand out”
  • “Don’t be too much”
  • “Don’t show us up”
  • “Calm down! What will other people think?”
  • etc

As adults we can find ourselves disconnected from, or anxious about, our enthusiasm and passions in life, our experience can seem bland and uninteresting.

This month’s EFT Café is all about undoing some of the blocks that hold us back from feeling the good things in life to the full.

As someone who is British and was “born to be mild” I’m especially looking forward to this particular EFT Café.

The EFT Café is on Wednesday May 14th at 7pm in St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle.