EFT: Problem Relief From The Outside In


One of the problems with problems is that we are often stuck in them.

There are often a whole complicated set of circumstances that make some sort of solution or different perspective very difficult for us to know what to do, or even where to start.

As someone once said: “If you are stuck in the jar it’s difficult to read the label.”

Fortunately there is a way for us to ‘step out’ of a problem long enough to bring some EFT to bear on what is going on. From the outside looking in it’s possible to work on the feelings we are feeling in that situation, what other people are doing and how we are reacting and even on the situation itself which is quite different to using EFT from the inside of any difficulty.

There are several advantages to this approach:

  • From the outside looking in you can get a much better perspective of what is going on.
  • From a distance we can be less caught up in the difficulty and less distressed that we would be on the inside of the problem
  • You can tap on many aspects of the problem not just the your part of it.
  • It’s simple, you don’t need any special EFT skills or fancy wording, the approach uses straightforward awareness of the problem and tapping nothing fancy is required.

This approach is suitable for dealing with all sorts of everyday problems: sticky situations at work, difficult family relationships, and other uncomfortable predicaments.

Join Andy Hunt at 7pm on Wednesday 11th May at the EFT Cafe in St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre to learn how to use this simple process to deal with awkward situations. (You will need some experience of EFT to participate in this event.)

The cost of this evening is just £10
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