EFT Café – 14th January – What Lies Beneath Your Limiting Beliefs?

WordsImage courtesy of Colin_K

Limiting beliefs are all the rage.

You can’t listen to a podcast or read an article about EFT without hearing about limiting beliefs and how they constrict your life.

When they are discussed you often hear about the big, in your face, limiting beliefs such as: “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t …”. There’s no doubt that beliefs like that can hold you back and slow your progress.

But what about other beliefs and rules that hold us back: the ones that like just below the surface, and the ones below them. The small but pervasive ideas that we identify with, although we are barely aware of them they cause a lot of distress and limitation.

If we could find them we could tap on them and be free of them, the question is how to find of them.

In this month’s EFT Cafe we will explore the beliefs that make our problems such problems and the beliefs below those beliefs.

Note: The previous advertised EFT Cafe exploring Logosynthesis and Tapping has been indefinitely postponed